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5 romantic weekends in globe, az

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Imagine there was a place where you could bring your sweetheart for a weekend getaway that had a little something for everyone. Beautiful outdoor backdrops, fun activities for two, and hot spot restaurants specializing in delicious local flavors. The charm of a small town, but with a history rich in pride and maybe even containing a few haunting secrets, all accessible in the sunbathed warmth of Arizona. It exists, and it’s in Globe.


Here are five itineraries that will make picking a spot in town for your next romantic weekend as easy as a summer’s day.


Weekend 1: The Nature-Loving Duo

Whether it’s the endless summer weather, the lakefront proximity, or the gorgeous Pinal Mountains setting stage around the city, Globe is the perfect place for couples who long to connect amid the beauty of nature. Take a moment to ground yourselves in warmth and sunshine, then set off on your romantic open-air adventure.


Day 1: Round Mountain Park

Paved trails and stunning scenery make a day of hiking at Round Mountain Park one you won’t soon forget. Comprised of five total loop trails, every hiker can choose the experience they want, as these range in difficulty from easy to moderate. The popular West Trail takes you up a reasonably high incline, high enough to see the Pinal range off in the distance and to peer down at the city of Globe.


The view is not the only thing that makes this park unique. The area wildlife, , including deer, jackrabbits, roadrunners, and more, are often spotted on the trails and surrounding greenery. Visitors say the wildflower blooms can’t be beat in the spring, but you will find beautiful flora all year, from vibrant cacti to lush junipers. Be on the lookout for a hollowed-out boulder appropriately named “the Bullseye,” and feel free to pack a romantic picnic lunch to share with your sweetheart when the hiking is done.


Day 2: Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate

What could be better than a warm day spent soaking up the sun’s rays? One spent soaking up a little local wine at the same time, and you can find that in Globe at Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate. Set on a cascading slope, the sprawling vines and picturesque winery welcome you to a little touch of wine country, Arizona style! And the ambiance is only half the fun — Waggin’ is known for its rich and flavorful merlot, cabernet, chardonnay, and more, all made from grapes grown just outside their doors. 


You may pop into Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate to visit the tasting room most days from 11-5 (11-8 on Saturdays), or you are welcome to make an appointment with them at your leisure, turning a wine tasting into a romantic date for two. They also offer wine slushes, sangrias, and charcuterie to nosh on while you sip their delicious wares and have been known to entertain the crowd with live music shows and other special events on the property. Pull up a seat on the spacious front porch and take a moment with the one you love.


Weekend 2: The Thrill-Seeking Competitors

Calling all athletes, sports fans, and those just looking for a bit of competition to spice up a romantic weekend away: Globe is the destination for you. From testing the strength of your swing to fun and games at the kind of old-timey Western bar folks write songs about, you can channel your competitive nature, kick up your heels, or kick back with a cold one. 


Day 1: Gila County Batting Range

Batter up! If your special someone is a diehard baseball fan or you’re just looking to incorporate America’s pastime into your warm-weather weekend escape, Gila County Batting Range is ready and waiting. Featuring three cages with as many different pitching speeds, this family-owned Globe tradition is perfect for batters at any skill level, including folks who just want to have a good time. Their on-site concession stand adds to the ballgame atmosphere, so you can work up an appetite while swinging away and stop by for a snack.


Gila County Batting Range is also an RV park, so if you’re planning a little weekend-long camping trip, consider parking your home away from home at this popular Globe hotspot. The location couldn’t be better for getting out and exploring what the rest of the city has to offer, making it a one-stop destination for a fun mini-vacation.


Day 2: Drift Inn Saloon

It may not be every day you get to visit an actual saloon, and if you feel like an old-fashioned vibe is right up your alley, look no further than the Drift Inn Saloon in Globe. For over 100 years, this watering hole has been a local favorite and has earned its way onto the National Register of Historic Places. The vibe is exactly what you would expect: a solid wood bar, old-school plank floors, and the feeling like a cowboy might mosey up to the stool next to ya. There are tabletop games, a digital jukebox stacked with all your favorites, and their famous chicken wings on the menu.


Aside from its daily specials, creative cocktails, and tasty pub fare, the Saloon is a community pillar, involved in many local celebrations and festivals throughout the city year-round. Beyond that, karaoke nights, flat screens for sporting events, and clever holiday parties can make your evening at the Drift Inn unlike any other night out.


Weekend 3: The History Buffs

Globe is a combination of historic charm and complex history, and that history can be amazing or downright frightening (or both!) Unsurprisingly, some of the town’s oldest buildings and attractions make many Arizona tourists’ must-see lists, and why it’s the best place for a little romantic history lesson.


Day 1: Globe Historic Distict

Historic Downtown Globe represents a melding of the city’s original “boomtown” status and its modern economy, providing visitors with the best of both worlds. The former mining town celebrates that heritage proudly and publicly, from allowing visitors an up close and personal look at Old Dominion Historic Mine Park to the well-preserved original architecture that populates the streets of downtown. In true Southwestern fashion, you will find excellent and authentic Mexican fare around every corner, from restaurants to coffee shops and more. Museum-seekers will find detailed information and exhibits at the 1916 Train Depot Complex and the 1910 Gila County Sheriff’s Office & Jail, providing curious couples a way to quench their thirst for historical knowledge.


Day 2: Ghost Tours through Globe

Many lifetimes have been lived in the beautiful city of Globe, and some say that a handful of those might just continue on in the spirit realm. If you haven’t heard of the city’s reputation for paranormal activity, it is extensive and memorialized in books, on popular ghost-hunting television shows, local news reports, and more. If you and the one you love are looking to spot your own apparitions, several options for guided ghost tours around Globe hit its most haunted spots, including AZ Ghost Adventures and the Ghosts of Globe tour, which takes place annually. Feeling brave enough to explore on your own? Stop by the Gila County Jail, Gila County Courthouse, or one of many other haunted locales around town, and be prepared to hold your sweetheart tight!


Weekend 4: The “Treat Yourself” Couple

A romantic weekend by itself is lovely, but it can also double as an excuse for you and your better half to truly pamper yourselves in ways you don’t get to everyday. From selecting a cozy place to stayto hitting the spa for a little R&R, Globe makes the perfect destination for slowing down and really getting away from it all.


Day 1: Chrysocolla Inn

Sometimes, treating yourself right begins where you lay your head. For a romantic getaway experience that is both restful and luxurious, the Chrysocolla Inn in Globe is there to deliver. Conveniently located downtown in a truly historic home, you will feel the city’s genuine respect for its past, but with some key updates that make their accommodations perfect for a modern couple looking for a quaint, comfortable weekend away.


Each room is named for a beautiful gemstone, with The Turquoise Room being the biggest of the six they have available. One notable feature is the private fireplace, and if you check out The Rose Quartz Room, you will find a beautiful garnet-hued velvet sofa. Thoughtful touches abound throughout the space, as does a love of food — former visitors rave about the provided breakfast, saying it is an impressive feast fit for any foodie. With common areas that feel like home, garden patios for soaking up the sun, and plenty of privacy to reconnect with your love, the Inn is a perfect place to unwind.


Day 2: The Serenity Room

Whether you’re tired from a day of exploring in the hot Arizona sun or simply overdue for a massage, The Serenity Room is Globe’s prime destination to get a little me-time. In addition to a relaxing massage, you can book yourself a facial session for 30 minutes or an hour, shop expertly-curated skincare to take home that will add a little pampered glow to your morning routine, or even get a little mid-getaway waxing done to keep you looking your best. If you’re unsure what procedure is right for you, feel free to ask — from chemical peels to microdermabrasion, your esthetician will find the perfect process to give both of you your best skin.


Weekend 5: The Cultural Vibe Aficionados

Some travelers take trips to escape the mundane, but others enjoy their visits best when they can get a real feel for the destination’s culture. Look no further than Globe, which will provide you and your globetrotting partner with a genuine sense of the beautiful Southwest. From incredible food to unique goods and souvenirs you can’t find anywhere else, don’t miss out on this shared cultural experience.


Day 1: Pickle Barrel Trading Post

Housed in a charming and revamped former warehouse, Pickle Barrel Trading Post may, at first glance, look like a traditional antique store. In truth, it is a treasure trove of art, home goods, wearable pieces, and so much more, all from independent designers and many Indigenous artisans. The outdoor space is colorful and used to display a massive selection of lawn art. In contrast, the vast 8,000-foot indoor space is divided amongst incredible Native American jewelry,  pottery, decorative figures, and even luggage! With a truly Southwestern ambiance and an astonishing array of items to choose from, there’s no way you or your sweetheart will leave empty-handed.


Day 2: La Casita Cafe

When it’s time to sit down to a romantic meal in Globe, why not make it lip-smacking Mexican fare made with love from authentic recipes? La Casita Cafe has been a downtown staple for over 70 years, and in that time, their friendly, family-led atmosphere and flavor creations passed down from generations have left an indelible mark on the town.


Naturally, you’ll want to prep your palate with some chips and salsa to start, a chicken quesadilla to share, and a couple of glasses of wine. Choose from Mexican favorites like huevos rancheros, tamales, or chimichangas for your main course. Are you feeling extra sweet? Finish off the meal with fresh sopapillas or fried vanilla ice cream! 

Don’t wait; plan your romantic getaway to Globe today.