Chrysocolla Inn

246 E Oak St, Globe, AZ 85501

Phone: (928) 961-0790


The Chrysocolla Inn was built in the late 1800’s and served as a boarding house for local miners. In use for nearly a hundred years, it was deserted in the 1980’s and stood empty until the three Rooney Women (mother Rosemary, daughters Heidi and Holly) took on the challenge of bringing the old building back, turning it into a gracious and beautiful vintage B&B.

For seven long years they worked refinishing original floors, doors and windows, laying new/used brick in the basement, uncovering and restoring the old fireplaces, creating colorful garden and patio spaces, and collecting local antiques to furnish the rooms in authentic, turn of the century luxury. They had a vision, but even more they had a talent for design, and an eye for detail.

The Inn takes it’s name from Chrysocolla (kris-uh-mol-uh), a mineral found where there is copper and Globe has a lot of copper. We love how the name sounds and we love its blue/green color. The stone is said to have a calming influence, to be a stone of forgiveness and to strengthen emotional bonds.